Indoor Air Pollution Network

INDAIRPOLLNET Deliverables and Outputs 

Designing future indoor air measurement campaigns

INDAIRPOLLNET (INDoor AIR POLLution NETwork: is a European COST Action of more than 200 scientists. Through this network, we have defined the knowledge gaps and challenges for indoor air, highlighted the processes and pollutants that should be evaluated, the instruments that should be used to do so and the building parameters that must be considered. Based on our work, this document provides pointers for future indoor air measurements. This section focuses on some general pointers, with our more detailed recommendations being available through the 'Measurement Recommendations' section.

General overview

Health considerations

The main focus for INDAIRPOLLNET was to consider the chemical processing indoors. However, the endpoint for most of the work is that we want to better understand the chemical processing, so we can identify which pollutants are formed through different processes and hence highlight the potential implications for health. In the course of our work, we have identified the following objectives related to health that we believe would make excellent topics for future research, but require large toxicological or epidemiological approaches that are out of the scope of this project. We list them for those working in the fields of health science around air pollution. They are:

Microbial activity indoors

For similar reasons to above, we decided not to focus on numerous questions around microbiological processes indoors, but highlight the following topics that are ripe for future study: